The Sage Steele Show

Sage Steele is one of the country’s most popular and respected broadcasters. Most recently, she was a fixture at ESPN from 2007-2023, hosting the network’s flagship show, SportsCenter.

And now, after leaving ESPN for broader creative pastures, the interested, curious Sage is bringing her formidable skills to bear on the podcasting world, joining Bill Maher’s new podcast network Club Random Studios. Sage loves being able to share her story and remains hopeful that her willingness to be vulnerable and speak her truth will encourage others to do the same. Sage is thrilled to offer her versatile expertise for engaging audiences to the podcasting world.

The show is interview-style, where nothing is off limits as Sage encourages her guests to share their stories of success, overcoming adversity, and what sparks their passion. Moreover, if there is a North Star for the tone of the interview it would be “What’s Your Why?” But make no mistake, while authentic, the conversations will not be too earnest, as Sage loves to laugh and mix it up with her guests.

Club Random with Bill Maher

The host of HBO’s Real Time has launched Club Random, hosting hour-long, one-on-one interviews with a range of eclectic guests, where they talk about anything and everything, except politics.

Real as Real can get!!

“Wished this podcast had started sooner. Real casual conversations with a splash of intelligence, comedy and authenticity that you don’t see everyday. What’s even more impressive is that Bill challenges all perspectives, looking at them from multiples sides and talking through them using logic, intelligence and ultimately common sense.”

Club Random

Bill Maher rewrites the rules of podcasting the way he did in television in this series of one on one, hour long conversations with a wide variety of unexpected guests in the undisclosed location called Club Random. There’s a whole big world out there that isn’t about politics and Bill and his guests talk about all of it.

Since launching in March of 2022, Club Random has attracted millions of viewers and hosted some of the biggest names in sports, music, film, politics, and science.

The company currently averages over 1 million views per day on YouTube and is expanding its reach through other distribution channels.

Tour Dates


June 21, 2024
Fri • 9 pm
David Copperfield Theatre at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, NV


June 22, 2024
Sat • 9 pm
David Copperfield Theatre at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, NV


July 13, 2024
Sat • 8 pm
Orpheum Theatre
Minneapolis, MN


July 14, 2024
Sun • 8 pm
The Riverside Theater
Milwaukee, WI


July 26, 2024
Fri • 8 pm
The MGM Music Hall at Fenway
Boston, MA


July 27, 2024
Sat • 8 pm
Toyota Oakdale Theatre
Wallingford, CT

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